Command-Line Interface (CLI)

With its Command Line Interface (CLI), Hackolade truly supports an agile development approach leveraging the flexibility of NoSQL dynamic schemas. Some Hackolade customers use this capability nightly in a batch process to identify attributes and structures that may have appeared in the data since the last run. During a nightly run of the reverse-engineering function, a much larger dataset can be queried as a basis for document sampling, hence making schema inference more precise. Such capability can be useful in a data governance context to properly document the semantics and publish a thorough data dictionary for end users. It can also be used in the context of compliance with privacy laws to make sure that the company does not store data that it is not supposed to store. There are many more examples of how to use this functionality.

You can use the Hackolade CLI from a terminal program:

  • Windows:
    • cmd command line: all commands below should be preceded by start /wait
    • PowerShell: all commands below should be preceded by Start-Process -wait
  • Mac and Linux: terminal emulator or common shell programs: all commands below should be preceded by .\

To take full advantage of the capability, you may run the CLI from scheduled batch files.

For more details, click here.

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