Transfer a license to a new computer

Our license server in the cloud enforces license key validations.  It is pretty simple to move a license to a new computer, but it requires to proceed in the following sequence:

- on the old computer, where the license key was originally validated, start Hackolade, and go to Help > Software key validation, then release the key.  This will free up 1 seat for the key on our server.

- ideally you still have the email that was sent to you at time of purchase, with your license key.  If not, make a note of the key, or copy to your clipboard and paste in an email or other place where you'll be able to retrieve it to use with the new computer.

- on the new computer, start Hackolade.  If you had a trial or community key, go to Help > Software key validation, and release the installed key.  Then paste or enter the purchased key from the old computer and click the send button.  

You should now be authorized to use Hackolade with the new computer.  If the validation fails, it is probably because the key was not properly released from the old computer in step 1.

If you still encounter problems, pleas retrieve the licensing log file HackoladeLicense.log from the directory C:\Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\HackoladeLogs directory of both the old and the new computer, and send them to


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